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Greetings, dear visitor to my site!

My name is Marina and I am the webmaster and seo optimizer!     +38 068 092 55 43

Work online throughout Ukraine.

Dear Guest, if you came to me on the site, it means that you are interested in the development of the website or its promotion.

Or just went to look and it's very nice, thank you very much!

I'm sure that every self-respecting man, much less a businessman needs to create their site: a small website, a business website, corporate сайта,портфолио,портала,форума,онлайн-каталога,интернет-магазина...

Creation of a site and helps people (your customers) to find out about you and your business more. The Internet is now the only way done.

IF YOU HAVE A popular site, advertise missile sites, then your product or service becomes popular and your brand begins to recognize, remember. And gradually, the users themselves are already necessary for them SITE.

Being popular in the network and in accordance with that popular - it's cool !!!

Well and good to make a site with adequate usability, like the user. Plus built right on target all internal and external optimization, choose the right semantic core of your site + purchase content, banner, advertising teaser ... + registration site in directories and niche sites + links + promotion + promotion articles promotion of social networks, and more much more = O gives fat plus your website in the top 10, or even higher. Accordingly, over the promotion of a site for a long time and have to work patiently, one might even say "puff", and especially over the promotion of an online store, as there is not one product or one service that you want to promote and sell more, plus help.

After all, every customer wants a lot at once, but it does not happen and can not be. Promotion of resource it is very serious, important and time-consuming, which takes a lot of time and money. If you were told that you can unwind cheaply and quickly - be careful here certainly some deception.

BLACK, unfair GUYS OR THE COMPANY MAY DO SO AND WITH THE SITES THAT MAY GO TO THE TOP IS NOT IN keyword, and in general on the bandgap reference or words that lead SITE above, and then do all fall dramatically in the NIH. WEBSITE IS SUBJECT filters of search engines or worse, your site does banyat and they have become not alive, that is, not PODLYAGAYUT repairing and then have to do a site again, and all the works start over again, TO YOU LEARNED.

Even by the way, copying materials leads to the fact that your site can simply just not climb in the search engines and in general for stupid stuff ripped off or text article from someone on the site can be affected very seriously - so that your site banned. And if you offer to copy the material somewhere, it is already there are doubts about the adequacy of the person who will promote you.

Conversely, normal SEOs will advise you only the uniqueness of your text or copy if it is very much to alter the text to make it more, less in their own words and it is to you who does not stick, nor the man from whose website is taken article neither the search engines. Yes, the search engines will see the similarity of texts, but not a complete copy of this text, you see the difference?

After a full backup of all - it's like stealing. Someone wrote worked, worked, and you have simply copied. This is not good!

Let's say you have created sayt.Chto next? Of course the first thing that comes to mind - a quality site promotion, the withdrawal of the site from the 1000th ... places, for example in tenth place according to some user request. That is the conclusion of the site in the top 10.

Suppose we type in google search a word like "website promotion" and search system gives us the millions of sites that are somehow related to the promotion of a site that is on the site there are pages with description, they also get to search.

So, if you have a site recently created, it is in a sort of a sandbox search engines, as a young and naturally about it and no one knows it by some user request, say "website promotion" is somewhere out there for 1000 or 5000 ... place. It depends on what the user types the query. Yes, you can get out of the situation and ordered from specialist contextual advertising for your site. Yes, contextual advertising - it's cool!

Contextual advertising - it is expensive, which helps your site to immediately go to the top on the user's request.

But only contextual advertising claims about your website advertises it helps you to become popular, increases traffic, helping you to sell your products or services have right on launch day your advertising company, if you are very sure the right products or services that are very huge success. Yes, contextual advertising is a huge plus your fame (fame and popularity of your new, (yes any site), but you also need to know that in itself will not bring contextual advertising your site on a regular basis by some request for a permanent seat on top -10.

Whatever your website is always on some request was in the top 10, you will need to find a good SEOs that will help your site to increase gradually more and more power to the victorious breakthrough in the top 10, and then help you maintain your resource in level, but it requires monthly material investment and if you are not willing to pay, you can forget about leaving your site in the top 10 and holding these positions, as long as you think to pay or not pay, I need it or not, your competitors are not SLEEPS, and to pay a lot of money on advertising and promotion so as to learn about them and that the name of their search engines to issue SITE AT ANY user request in the top 10, top 5, top 1 -like most popular and visited resources.

So, nothing prevents you to become as famous and popular, but you have to pay, not to be greedy and all you will return a hundredfold, your own popularity and izvestnost.A all it is clear that the more popular resource and promoted, the more people about it knows zahodit.Esli people go so they have already seen somewhere, it means your site is gaining momentum.

If people are interested then go one way or another product or service if you are interested - that means buying. The larger set, the greater the chance that you will call. And those who call and ask about there are more chances you have to buy your product or service.

And on your part is necessary also did not disappoint, and give people what they want: a quality product or service, because the reviews are very important people every self-respecting company to be higher than their competitors need to take quality and a good attitude, then your investment will to bring more and more income and good, Forest reviews about the site and your services.

Still, it is clear that new, just born the site can not be known and popular for a week or two ...

In order to promote a site or some of its pages, fully need a lot of time, money, patience and labor.

Promote a site can be at least 4-5 months, the rate of 6 months to 7 months ... and then continued support resource.

Remember one thing, the more you give, the more you get! Well, of course a lot depends on the person to whom you are applying, on his honesty, integrity and love for his work.

It is clear that everyone loves money, who does not like them - they help to live, and sometimes just to survive people. For any work necessary to get paid and it's all true, nobody argues with that. The main thing to understand the most important thing - whether or not that person, so that I paid the money, whether the work is done efficiently, whether the results are the way I want. Feel the soul of man, to understand what he or she says, as they say, and take the risk.

After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained! There is a saying. But it is very difficult to trust a man who does not know, and especially difficult to invest in something you do not understand or are poorly understood. It is clear that no one will lay out on a silver platter of gold, how it works, because the location of the customer may be normal competitors who need any information about the work. And this in a conversation can always happen confusion: you do not trust and do not trust you or doubt you or you are not sure that the customer is not a customer and competitor.

To dispel all the myths and doubts need to turn to the man whom you have advised your friends that you trust, book promotion at the person who made you his website and you have already studied and understand what kind of person he whether he your trust or not. Well, if you do not have this, then just talk and find out for yourself, to feel something, whether that person can be trusted, and how much he is professional in their field, or just give a person to express themselves.

I understand that in our life everything is relative and everyone wants to pull the blanket over himself and not remain extremely stupid or vinovatym.No if not to trust anyone, you can not do anything at all, all the while afraid and do not get in this life, the what you want.

People should be given a chance and if they justify your trust, then all will be well with you and your site! Well, if not, just look for another decent man, because you know this proverb: "He who seeks shall find!"

That's what I wish you to find a professional that you trust and with which your website will always be found only in the top 10 or higher on any user's request that it applies to your business. So, go ahead and you will succeed!

And if you think you have found a decent man for creation and promotion of your life, then "you are welcome to our hut" - that is to say "Welcome!" Call us, always happy to help !!!

+38 068 092 55 43